New York IT Services provides a wide range of IT and security solutions for various industries in the greater New York area. Our knowledgeable technicians utilize the latest technology to install whatever systems your home or office needs.

Commercial & Businesses

Whether you are looking to maintain your computer network, secure your data, or monitor access and security on your premises we can design a system that fits your specific requirements. Our commercial IT and security services can cover everything from restaurants and small offices to multi-story buildings.

Property Management

Real estate investors and property managers must ensure that their residents are protected from break-in and unauthorized access. Security measures also increase the value of a home or rental, and reduce insurance premiums. As new tenants move in or expand within your building, we can satisfy their specific IT and security needs by providing them with Business Phone Systems, designing their Computer Networks, and supply Printers and Copiers.

Single-Family Homes

New York IT Services can provide and install home security systems including fire and burglar and fire alarms.  Our technicians can install custom-designed audio video systems and upgrade your residence to a smart home.


Hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants all require both a network and security systems to operate efficiently and protect their guests. New York IT Services can install and continuously maintain advanced systems based on your requirements.

Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

We can design and install security systems to protect your staff, patients, and medical offices. We can install advanced video surveillance and access control systems, maintain your computer network, and ensure that your patients and staff feel safe and have all they need.

Educational Facilities

We can help you monitor and control the entry of staff and students, install alarm systems that ensure the safety of everyone at your educational facility, and protect the building itself from vandalism and misuse. New York IT Services can also design a new or maintain your existing Network, so that your staff and students have access to perfectly working computers.

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