New York IT Service is a leading security systems company based in New York City. We specialize in planning and design, installation, repair and maintenance of full range security systems for business & commercial properties, residential buildings and industrial facilities throughout all five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island).

New York IT Service is known for the best, specialized and uniquely developed electronic and physical security solutions including access control and management systems, intercom and telephone entry systems, alarm systems, security cameras and video surveillance systems.


When you own a business, the types of technology you use play a vital role in your company’s success. Technology has become integral part of your company and personal life. And no matter what type of property or business you own, an efficient computer network is what makes it run efficiently.We pride ourselves on the quality of services and equipment and we vouch for our work with labor and equipment guarantees. 

Our team consists of experts in computer repair, network architecture & management, hardware support, and multiple security systems, such as access control, video surveillance, visitor management, etc. Our customers enjoy not only the variety of services we provide, but also the close relationships that we build.When you want to improve or optimize your technology and secure your premises, trust New York IT Service.