Welcome to part two of our two-part series about common computer problems, and fixes that you can attempt yourself. If you attempt our recommendations, and they don’t fix the problem or you don’t feel confident in attempting them, just give us a call at New York IT Service. We can help troubleshoot your computer’s problem or we can fix it for you.


#4 Your computer is telling you there is a 404 or “Not Found” error.

A 404 error in any form — “404 Error,” “404 Not Found,” “Error 404,” “HTTP 4040 Not Found,” “404, Page Not Found” — is a user-sided website error. This means that the web address that you are attempting to find states that the page does not exist. May websites have developed their own 404 error pages, which if you land on one, is a good sign you’ll get somewhere. Of all the common computer problems we have discussed, the 404 error code is the easiest to fix. The 404 error means that there is an error in the web addressed as it was typed. If you receive this error, double check the web address you meant to input and make sure it is what you actually typed. If it is, attempt to refresh or reload the page to see if that works. If you are getting the 404 error from a page you have favorited, chances are, the website owner updated the address and you may be able to put the address into a search engine and look for the redirect page. Next, clear your browser’s cache and your cookies, this will help eliminate some of the stored information that can interfere. You can try to remove directory levels until you find a page that does work and attempt to find what you were looking for from there. For instance, if you entered in www.shoppingforstuff.com/things/stuff/red/bunny move up to www.shoppingforstuff.com/things/stuff/red and attempt to search that page for the bunny section. Continue to go back a directory level until you find a page that works. If all else fails, attempt to contact the website directly. This is not a computer error and doesn’t have much to do with system operations.


#5 Your computer is running at turtle speed.


So your computer is working, you’ve got to give it some credit, but it runs so slow, and it is almost not worth using. Slow computers are a very common complaint, and sometimes, an easy fix, depending on your operating system. Just as you can’t expect a mountain bike from 1982 to keep up in a triathlon, you can’t expect the older, smaller hard drive in your computer to be as fast as the newest model. Most speed issues can be attributed to updates and hard drive space. Updates are meant to keep your system running at optimum speed, and to run your programs without glitches. If either your operating system or program is due for upgrades, perform them and see if it affects the speed. The next thing to check is storage space. When your computer is full, or close to full, your computer may have a difficult time processing because it has no room to store information. Attempt to clear out some space and see if that has a positive impact on the speed. You may also run into speed issues when you have too many startup programs running. Startup programs are all the programs that open and continue to run automatically when your computer powers on. It is a good idea to set your computer to only run critical programs automatically, and then, you open any other program, manually, as you use it.


#6 You cannot get programs or drivers to install.


The inability to install programs or drivers is a common problem, especially as your computer ages. It is most often due to a lack of storage space. If your computer does not have enough storage space to accommodate a program, it either will not install or will begin to install and then display an error when there is no storage space left. Most times, your computer will let you know that the issue is with storage space, but not always. If you are having issues installing a new program, check your storage space and then clear some space out to allow the program to install. If you still cannot install the program, check the quality and integrity of the program you are attempting to install. If there are errors within the program itself, there is nothing your computer will be able to do to combat it. If you have plenty of storage space and are having difficulty installing basic programs, consult with IT support for diagnosis and repair suggestions.

In a digital world where computers are at the core of everything we do, we understand the frustration and anxiety that a malfunctioning computer can cause. We know that it can have a significant impact on your job, school, and life. At New York IT Service Inc, we are so much more than computer guys, we are full-service technical support. We can diagnose and repair just about any computer problem, and if we can’t, we can help you recover the information on your hard drive. If you are experiencing computer problems, don’t deal with it alone; give us a call for your free consultation. We offer service and maintenance contracts, as well as storage solutions, to help you keep your computer performing at its peak, call now!