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Servicing New York, New Jersey & CT
About Us
NYIT Service - New York IT Service has been established since 1999. It is your ultimate source for IT services.
 Your ultimate source for business IT sales and services

No matter how large or small your business is, we can provide you with a custom-tailored solution to fit your needs. Some of our clients have corporate branches throughout the United States and Canada, and we have consistently provided them with reliable and efficient services for their most time-sensitive situations. We hope that you will count on us to provide you with the same level of service.


With years of hands-on experience in the field, New Your IT Service has been providing IT services to customers all over the tri-state area. Our team consists of experts in PC repair, network architecture & management, security deployment, and hardware support in order to provide our customers with a single source of service. We Service in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.


We are conveniently located in White Plains, New York which is about 30 minutes north of Manhattan and 10 minutes from Greenwich, Connecticut. We cater to the needs of both personal environments and small businesses, and our customers enjoy the close working relations we provide.

 Our technicians currently hold:
  • MCSE Certification
  • A+ and Network+ Certification
  • HP Products & Technology


We have extensive experience in hardware support. Our technicians are well versed in different system architectures. 


We offer support in several key areas:

  • Complete PC diagnostics
  • Printer diagnostics & repair
  • Complete server upgrades & overhauls
  • Operating system support
  • Installation of various software on workstations
  • Installation of peripheral hardware


Along with providing hardware repair & support services, we pride ourselves in being able to design and manage corporate networks from start to finish. Visit our Networking section for more information on how we can build or manage your custom corporate network.

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We provide contract-based support to small & medium-sized business throughout the region. Our clients enjoy unparalleled response time and support from friendly, knowledgeable support technicians when they need...
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